What is EMLO?

The “European Maritime Law Organisation” (EMLO) was established to provide a neutral and independent forum for debate and research on issues of interest to those concerned with EU maritime affairs.

We are an independent body and hold conferences and seminars on all aspects of EU maritime law, ranging from competition and trade to safety and the environment.

EMLO has been at the forefront of developments in EU maritime policy as that policy has evolved over the past two decades.  Founded in 1991 shortly after the first proceedings (against the Far Eastern Freight Conference) had commenced, EMLO had an inaugural conference in London in October of that year.  The keynote speech was delivered by Helmut Kreis.  That set the scene for subsequent Annual Conferences which have attracted leading speakers from the European Commission and engendered plenty of lively debate.

EMLO is THE place where the latest legal trends and developments in EU maritime competition law and general maritime law are reported, analysed and critically debated and is widely attended by the foremost EU maritime practitioners and compliance officers from owners, forwarders and shippers and the relevant trade associations.

EMLO has been fortunate in having had strong support from both DG Competition and DG MOVE over the years and many major policy announcements by the Commission have been made at EMLO Conferences.

Competition law has traditionally been the main focus of the conferences but EMLO has not neglected other policy areas such as developments in the field of maritime safety and the environment, and specialised sectors such as ports, P&I clubs and state aid.  Future conferences and events will continue in this tradition.

Most of the EMLO Annual Conferences have taken place in London or Brussels but this has not prevented EMLO from having successful conferences in Rotterdam, Genoa and Valletta (jointly with the Malta Maritime Law Association) Dublin, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

When in 1994 the European Commission presented its draft block exemption covering liner consortia, EMLO held a special seminar at the Europe Institute in Leiden to discuss the proposals and submitted comments that proved to be quite influential on the wording of the regulation that was finally adopted.

To coincide with the enlargement of the European Union in 2004 EMLO decided to promote smaller scale seminars in the new Member States and has therefore since met has met in Limassol, Gdynia and Istanbul.  Members can attend both a Spring Seminar between March and May (dates vary) and the Annual Conference (generally on the Friday of the third week of October, with a dinner the night before).

EMLO is a membership organisation that depends primarily on the continued support of its members, who receive discounts on attendance fees and various other benefits.  If you are not already a member we would appreciate your support: please apply online via the Registration page on this site.

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