What is EMLO?

The “European Maritime Law Organisation” (EMLO) was established to provide a neutral and independent forum for debate and research on issues of interest to those concerned with EU maritime affairs. We are an independent body and hold conferences and seminars on all aspects of EU maritime law, ranging from competition and trade to safety and the environment.

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Webinar Programme

Our webinar programme for 2021 has started; with new events being added regularly through the year. Click the link below to find out more, or become a member to get to hear first!

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Membership of EMLO offers a series of benefits and comes in various categories.  We are a small not for profit organisation so we need your support; renewal reminders will be sent out early January.

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Annual Conference

We may not have been able to host our annual conference in 2020, but we have lots of information on past events in our library. Look to our webinar programme for virtual events in 2021:

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EMLO is pan-European (and indeed global organisation) devoted to legal and policy cooperation in the most international of sectors and  it is most important that we thrive in a post-Brexit-and Trump-world;”